5 Top Tips For Getting More Retweets on Twitter

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How To Get More Twitter ReTweets?Are you looking for fresh ways to get people talking about your content?

When it comes to effective use of social media, Twitter is a real winner.

The trouble is, if you’re like most business people, it’s very hard to keep on top of all the all the online marketing changes taking place.

After all, the network has grown more in the last 9 months than in it has during the last 5 years, and according to industry experts, Twitter’s expansion (and influence) is expected to continue.

The big question is how do you take advantage of Twitter’s popularity, and how do you tap into the audience in a way that is meaningful for your business?

I expect that you understand the CONCEPT of Twitter, but when it comes to the practical day to day activities and the unwritten etiquette you need to follow for success it’s often hard to keep up.

Well here is where you can get some practical advice that will help you to get more juice out of Twitter by ramping up the number of retweets you get.

Louise Myers, author and owner at louisem.com. shared some really useful infograpics (every week).

Her article “How to Get More Retweets” give us her 5 Top Tips for getting retweeted more often, and even shows you where to find your next costumer.

And why would you want more retweets?

Well, as Myers explains

“Retweets spread your content, as well as your Twitter handle, far and wide. They’re a great way to get visibility, and possibly new followers, on Twitter.”

And she recommends taking the following actions (over and over again):

1: Tweet links: retweets contain more links.
2: Ask for the retweet: Including “Please Retweet” quadruples your success.
3: Stop talking about you: who’d want to retweet that?
4: Say new things: 80% of respondents said they like to retweet News.
5: Tweet about Twitter: to get double the retweets of tweets about Facebook.

The Infogrpahic from QuickSprout covers the following:

  • ReTweet Etiquette
  • Tweet Length Vs ReTweets
  • URL Vs ReTweets
  • #TAGS Vs ReTweets
  • Timing & ReTweets

If you are looking to improve your Twitter experience and ROI this infographic is well worth a good look (more than once I’d say).

See the original article here.

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How To Get More Twitter Retweets?

What do you think about Twitter and what’s your purpose for using it?
What works best for your business?
What’s your favorite Twitter marketing tip?

We would love to get your advice or input, after all, your comments and experience will add to the reservoir of helpful information our readers can find here.

Thanks for taking the time to contribute. We appreciate it.
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