50 Important 2013 Tech Statistics Business Needs to Know

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50 Technology Scene Stats

Technology is constantly changing and it also changes the way we do business.

Whether it enhances the way we communicate, or helps us to increase our productivity, or reduces our costs —its benefits impact our daily lives and will continue to alter the methods and strategies we use for marketing and more in the future.

The problem is how do we keep up with the latest trends, software and products?

This is a great presentation that lists “50 incredible stats about the tech scene that businesses need to know” written by Kaylene Hong an author from thenextweb.com.

The presentation is a well researched slide show that rounds up ten statistics for five “mega trends” in IT that affect companies.

These are:

  • Mobile
  • Social
  • Cloud
  • Big data
  • Mobile Apps

— making a total of 50 stats.

Amongst the many fascinating points that Kaylene Hong makes, she answered the following questions:

  • By 2015 who has more users Mobile Phone or PC [Internet]?
  • How Many Million Tablets are sold last 2013?
  • How Many Percent of Mobile Media is within an Apps?
  • and many more!

All in all it took us about 10 minutes to click through. It really helped the team here at Milagro to sharpen up our thinking,  and the information has helped us become more strategic in our approach to bushiness in 2014.

It is well worth time so get as cup of coffee and read it here:

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What do you think? Which statistics and tips had an impact for you?

What advice or input can you share to add to the conversation? After all your comments and experience will add to the reservoir of helpful information our readers can find here.

Thanks for taking the time to contribute. We appreciate it.

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