We are specialist Internet Marketing Consultants. We bring individuals and businesses a comprehensive range of expert online marketing services, training and user-friendly advice designed to jump-start their online profile and optimise sales and income. ~ Maya Mendoza, Founder of Milagro Fusion Marketing

Who we are & what we do

Milagro Fusion Marketing (@MilagroFM) is a hybrid internet marketing consultancy and online marketing service provider.

More than an SEO company, we specialise in the strategic and intelligent use of modern marketing methods.

We have our finger on the pulse of progress and always utilize appropriate online methods and up to the minute communication technologies to help our client’s businesses grow.

Businesses often hire MilagroFM as an outsourced solution for their everyday marketing needs. We are also available for bespoke one off projects that need a big PR boost and extra online buzz

Our consultants:

We are delighted that MilagroFM’s founder, Maya Mendoza, was recently awarded the title Best Marketing Consultant Glasgow (April 2013)

Our business development teams are also well known for creating and implementing robust and effective online marketing plans that  achieve our clients marketing goals.

We pride ourselves in selecting the right tactics and technologies for every marketing task, and aim to create the best fit marketing line-up for long-term business success.

Once a plan is in place, there are three options available ro a client:

1: We implement and manage the plan for the client.

2: We deliver training to the client and then the client implements the plan.

3: We offer a solution that incorporates option 1 and 2.

Who we work with

We work with small/mid-sized businesses, professionals and industry experts who want to get found online on Google (and YouTube)

We will also help build up and strengthen social media profiles of any business or product.

If you want help to develop an expert reputation in your industry or niche, we are the people to talk to.

We will help you to get seen in all the right places, strengthen you relationships with customers and generate work of mouth leads

What you can expect from us:

Whether we are simply building you a website or creating a comprehensive marketing plan for your business or product, we are with you all the way.

You can rely on us throughout the internet business cycle.

We will work along side you all the way from planning your marketing strategy, campaign development, marketing implementation, analysis measurement and maintenance.

Why contact us?

If you are in the early stages of building an internet presence, or if you have a website but are unhappy with your online results there is no doubt that you will benefit from our business building experience and expertise.

Once you get to know us we are sure you will agree, so get the ball rolling today.

Contact us and finally get the results you have been looking for.

Our History

How we got started

MilagroFM is a hybrid agency that brings a wide range of marketing services to Local businesses all over the world.

It has its roots in Web Design and Web Copy-writing  and over time has added a full list of services, such as WordPress  Link Building, Social Media, Local Marketing, Content writing, Press Release marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Video Marketing, Analytics, and more.

Maya Mendoza, Founder of Milagro Fusion MarketingOriginally named Appleseed Marketing back in 1994 by Founder Maya Mendoza, grew the re-branded Milagro Fusion Marketing grew from humble beginnings.

The company was instigated at Maya’s Italian tiled kitchen table with nothing more than a borrowed computer, and a pressing question ” how can I use the web to promote my books and enhance my hypnotherapy practice” .

Maya’s  fascination for web based technology grew, and developed into a desire to help a handful of web designer friends, other writers and health professionals get more clients and promote their services.

Over the past 12 years both Maya’s skills and Appleseed Marketing developed along side the the internet by embracing it’s associated technologies and emerging digital media, marketing and publishing methods.

Skills and services have been added over the years to service Maya Mendoza’s own businesses and creative endevours. These range from book writing, web design and digital publishing to the manufacture, sales and distribution of organic body and beauty  products for women.

Products and services by popular demand

The company has grown slowly and steadily as Maya’s reputation as a copywriter grew.  In parallel to her writing career, Maya’s business websites were sitting on page one of Google, and her associates and friends began to ask her for help in promoting their own businesses.

Thus in the course of the last 7 years MilagroFM has evolved from a kitchen table start-up to a successful web marketing agancy and SEO consultancy that now brings individuals and local businesses a variety of outsourced digital marketing and SEO services.

MilagroFM is a virtual company with staff and partners servicing a small number of entrepreneurial clients (digital nomad style) across the globe. Over 50% of MilagroFM’s new business comes from existing, happy clients telling their friends and family about their services.

At its heart MilagroFM is a core of enthusiastic, flexible, hard-working, close-knit full time staff (currently 5) and a number of well liked and reliable joint venture partners and part-time talent.

This gentle  approach to growth allows the company to take on a wide variety of projects while maintaining a family feel and delivering with a personal touch.

Every business benefits from an expert helping hand

The team brings specialist experience in on-line, digital, social and mobile marketing to the table, and works to build clients effective marketing and promotional strategies that deliver the best value results and return of  investment.

If you would like to find out if Milagro Fusion Marketing and Maya Mendoza are a good fit for your web development and business marketing needs we will be happy to hear from you.

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