Earl Harris – Hosted Beach Energy

When it comes to getting the word out, Maya Mendoza is Outstanding! In this ever changing internet world we live in, Maya and her team know how to produce results for our Business needs everywhere. Social Media Marketing is very important and if you need a complete overview of your Business, Maya Mendoza will strive to inform and lead you in the right direction. Milagro Fusion Marketing transforms Business into success through: Advertising, Mobile & Social Marketing, Digital Marketing, Local SEO, Global SEO Marketing, Social Signals, Product Development, Lead Generation, Keyword Blogging, Copywriting and more.I personally want to Thank You for working with me and my projects. I will continue to seek your advice. Maya? Thank You and it’s always a pleasure. ~ Earl Harris
December 6, 2012

Director at George Square Serviced Offices

Maya Mendoza and her team at Milagro Fusion Marketing have transformed our business website and put our business back on the Glasgow map (literally).12 weeks ago we were all but invisible online. Within 6 weeks of our new site going live we are ranking on Google page 1 for 2 of our main keyword phrases and we can be seen on page 2 for 6 other long tail keywords. Our search engine ranking positions are rising consistently. We now have a great looking Google+Local business page, and can be found in various press releases across the web.This is great work and we have been very impressed with what has been achieved to date.

June 03 2013

Director at Walker Sandford Property Management

We’ve been very impressed with Maya and her staff at MilagroFM. We rely Maya and her staff at MilagrFM for our reputation management, web-development, blog content, social media and SEO. In each case they have delivered positive results. The service is reliable and consistent, and has taken us to the top pages in Google for our main keywords.Maya has a mastery of search engine ranking, social media and SEO and she writes a mean press release too, but more importantly for us, as a busy office, she simply gets on with what needs to be done to keep up with all the changes on-line and then applies them for us. The result has been to add significant value to our sites and our on-line reputation.less

October 21, 2012

Toby James – Owner at Toby James International Photography

In my relationship with Maya Mendoza and MilagroFM I’ve found a company of individuals that take action and deliver stellar results. We’ve been very impressed with Maya’s mastery of search engine ranking and Local SEO (she knows her stuff) and how the team keep ahead of the changing SEO environment. When we launched our new line, I had a list of modest keywords in mind but the team at MilagroFM were more ambitious for me. I was rather skeptical, but WOW, I’m glad we went ahead. The results have been fantastic, hitting number at least the top 3 for everything targeted. I highly recommend their Local SEO services to other business owners I meet (as long as they are not in my vertical )I highly recommend Maya!!

October 5, 2012

Janeen Sonsie – Get Real Communication Speaker/Facilitator/Coach

I have been working with Maya as my business coach and mentor since August 2011. I feel lucky to have meet her. Maya has a real flair for online marketing and is a gifted sales / copy writer and editor. I love working with Maya as she supports me on so many different levels: mentally with business pragmatism and monetisation focus; creatively with product development, marketing analysis, ideas and expertise. Her team deliver work on time and on budget I can’t fault the service.

January 13, 2012

Mel Hamilton – Web Designer at Nortomik doo

What Maya is doing with small businesses is not only impressive but necessary in today’s global market, given the precarious state of our economy. To have a pro like Maya as a resource is a great opportunity for any of her clients to achieve their goals and make a difference.

November 11, 2011

Herman Meyer – Java Developer at Try4Us Corp

Maya Mendoza is a true top-notch Marketing expert. It’s rare to see one of those these days. Everyone claims to be one but they are as fake as a cubic zirconia. Maya is always thinking one step ahead at the business. I wasn’t sure at first but she really focused on my needs and helping me achieve my goals, which I exceed by the way. My recommendation – Hire Her!!

July 14, 2011

David Kathman – Programmer at Pink Mobiliti

Maya Mendoza is a reference for me. Her constant quest to learn, adapt and apply the lessons professionals demonstrate her ability to be an individual contributor and active participant in any team.Anyone who work alongside Maya will confirm the quality of work that provides the positive attitude and consistent. Thank you, Maya! Keep up the good work at Milagro Fusion Marketing.

June 7, 2011

Mike Smity – Owner, FFX Leader

Maya Mendoza did an exceptional job on the recent project. Maya is a detail oriented, innovative and careful perfectionist – her ideas, skills, creativity and understanding of change requests made the project a dream. She has an extensive knowledge, and her open-minded approach could not be overestimated. She denotes a strong experience in areas such as Mobile and SEO Marketing.

April 17, 2011

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