Many of our Clients who were once totally reliant on costly, traditional print marketing like the Yellow Pages and local papers now save money and secure over 90% of their new customers via their website. . ~ Maya Mendoza, Founder of Milagro Fusion Marketing

What is the Website SEO Clinic?

Our Website Clinic is a free service for webmasters and site owners who are concerned that their website not performing as well as it could, or is struggling to rank well Google, Yahoo, and MSN rankings.

Why is this service important to my bottom line?

Did you know that over 90% of business websites are not performing as well as they could?

When talking with clients, we discovered that most business owners are simply unaware of the precise requirements that make a website do the job it was designed for.  That may include grabbing new customers and increasing sales.

What this means is that, the Internet is awash with websites that are not set up for the job at hand.

A website is the keystone of  your marketing

Whatever product or service you offer, you can be assured that there are crowds of new customers out there looking for it. BUT if your website is buried way down the Google search listings, they probably don’t even know your company exists.

It’s shocking to think that for the lack of a little know-how, many businesses are wasting time and financial resources developing and maintaining a ‘white elephant’*. This may seem crazy when with a little sound advice and technical help,  their website could be getting the right type of traffic to increase their online reputation and revenue.

Do you know if  your Website fit for purpose?

Success online doesn’t happen by accident – it is achieved by creating a website that fulfills a series of ‘checks’.

Our free service helps any business overcome the problem of an inert or ineffective website. In short, we will show you how to tick all the right boxes. Rest assured that our recommendations will help you get seen where your customers are looking; on Google.

Relevance – We all want more customers clicking on our website. Most businesses want to show up on page one in Google too. BUT if your website is not correctly optimised for search, the search engines will not put it in the category where your customers are looking. Our first check looks at what the Google, Bing etc robots find when they read your site

Analysis – Do you know where your website visitors are coming from? Are you getting the most business and sales from your visitors? You can not manage your business if you are not collecting visitor data and measuring it. We identify the data you need to be looking at and help you understand how to use it to improve your results.

Commerciality – Is your website set up to get you more business and help people BUY from you or are people just window shopping on your site? It seems an obvious question but so many websites lack the essential components that lead to new customer acquisition and product sales.

Usability – Have you ever looked at your website though the eyes of your customers? Can they tell in the first 3 seconds what your business is about? Is all the info they need clearly signposted, well laid out and easy to find?

Content – Is your website a resource for your customers? Do you have interesting, articles, entertaining content and useful information that keeps them coming back for more – or is your website all about YOU?

*terms and conditions apply

Why is the Website SEO Clinic a free service?

A great marketing specialist is hard to find, but the right one can seriously improve your page rank – and your bottom line.

Our Website SEO Clinic gives you the chance to get to know us, and vice versa. It’s a great way to find out if we are a good fit – and allows us to find out how we can deliver the results that you want over a time line you expect.

Internet marketing, with all it entails, is an ongoing process. It takes time, discipline and consistent action, so you will want to work with a company that has a real interest in your business (and understands how your customers think).

If you are thinking about bringing in marketing support  – and you want long-term, business building  results – we invite you to click on the big blue button above.


So many online marketing and SEO firms will offer you the stars and the moon when it comes to Google, but we hope you won’t be fooled into trying to take short cuts.

These days companies who offer ultra cheap services with a promise of quick Google ranking for your website will likely get your website penalised (or worse). After all Google is smart and unforgiving when you break the rules.

Amazing results can be achieved, BUT cheap SEO and flash in the pan marketing (delivered without a concrete plan) may harm your business and will NOT deliver sustainable long term results that help take a business to the top.

Still need a little  >>nudge<<  to get started?

Our founder, Maya Mendoza has been awarded the title “Best Marketing Consultant” for Glasgow, UK. Maya has first hand knowledge of how to build a business with online marketing. She does it every day. Take a moment to read our testimonials (they are verified from Linkedin).

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