Google Freshness Update: How Google Freshness Update Effects Page Rank

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Google Freshness Update

Make a "splash" With Google's Freshness Update

What effect will Google Freshness Update have on your business and your page rank?

As everyone who promotes their business and works online knows, Google takes pride in changing its algorithms on a frequent basis.

Just recently ( November 2011) it has done it once again!

This latest change, known as the Google Freshness Update, is a new algorithm designed to further increase the relevance of its search results and give you FRESH content.

For example, if you were to search for “football results”, you are unlikely to look for results to matches played a couple of weeks ago. The chances are that you want the most recent results, perhaps even the half-time results of a match being played right now.

The Google Freshness Update has clearly changed the search results.

It’s clear that there are obvious winners & losers. Searchmetrics has measured the impact of November’s freshness updates to Google’s search ranking algorithm, and discover that around 35% of all searches are affected. By measuring SEO visibility, Searchmetrics found that a clear category of sites gained prominence as a result of the update, while the few sites that lost are all over the map.

Your search will now bring up the latest (most fresh) content FIRST

What this means is that you will be able to see that a certain result and information  posted only 13 minutes ago,  and will therefore be very up to date.  Sadly, this also means that some very good but much older content will find itself slipping down the rankings.

So how does this new update impact your business?

Well,  sites that have benefited from the update tend to be content sites and brand sites with frequent updates.

The good news is that the Google Freshness Update has great potential  for any business that is truly active online as it can help to put your local business news,  and your product offers at the top of a search engine very quickly.

What do you need to do to stay ahead of the competition?

Keeping your content up to date and vigorously  promoting your freshest content by linking to it via Facebook and Twitter will help users find their way to your hottest products and services. This traffic will help Google know that your content is not only fresh, but authoritative as well.

So, in my opinion I say this algorithm, when utilised to its best advantage ( timely social media updates, and  a well though through social media strategy),  could give your business the juice its been lacking, increase your visibility and  boost rankings for you.

On the downside however, this means that your static business pages and content will  lose ground on the google pages.

The simple fact is that if your is going to get seen, you  will now be required to work harder and smarter – by changing and tweaking your content frequently – to gain and maintain your ranking edge.

Like it or not, it’s about to become even more important to being highly active across the social media platforms and update or re-post your important information on a regular and consistent basis.

So, is the freshness update a good thing?

From my perspective I really love the idea of real-time searching and the fact that relevant and new content is crucial for SEO standings. It helps people push themselves to create new and exciting content for their readers or followers and will make the web a more dynamic and topical place to be.

We love to hear your opinion.

What do you think of the latest change? Do you find Google’s adjustments to the timeliness of search results helpful, or do you prefer absolute page rank?

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  • Kristina

    I think that freshness update is positive especially for users as in this world where information is a key element it is important to stay up to date.

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