How to get laser targeted, Google approved Local Internet Marketing!

If you are looking for new customer acquisition and increased revenue… read on

These days, since the infamous Google Panda and Penguin updates of 2017, getting a coveted page one position in Google search has become a really tough task for any business to achieve.

If you are not satisfied with your search results you may be happy to know there is a legitimate way to leap over your completion, right onto page 1.

And the best thing of all is, with a little help, you can do it for a very reasonable cost, without the hassle of getting thousands of backlinks.

One way your business can show up above your local competition is by claiming a Google My Business
(formally Google Places and Google Maps).

How will a Google My Business help you to get more customers?

If you are not sure how being in Google My Business can help your business get more customers just imagine your business is listed on page one of the search results for your main keyword.

As an example of what a listing looks in Google search, let’s take the search phrase (keyword) Podiatrist Glasgow West End


You can see that the top Google My Business for that category sits above all the local competition and the business location is clearly posted on the map.

With a top Google places display, wouldn’t you expect quite a bit more website traffic than if your website does not show up at all on page one?

Why Google My Business is essential for your business

Results speak for themselves, and as 97% of consumers search for local businesses online,  I’m sure you can see that this free Google listing page is essential to your online visibility and success. This is because Google My Business results feature prominently as the TOP of the page for local searches.

With a correctly optimsed Google My Business your business will show up across the web in Google Search, Maps, Google+ and on mobile devices.

There is no getting away with it. If you have a locaised business, one that depends on customers from your local area, or you get trade from folk passing through the area , you will now need a listing in Google My Business.

Our Google My Business account listing service? specialises in creating, and correctly setting up accounts for businesses and companies that do not have a listing on Google Maps or Google My Business.

What our ’15 point set up and optimisation package’ includes:

  1. We set up new or use an existing Google Account as required
  2. We claim or create new Google Places page
  3. We carry out keyword research report to check best categories to use for your Places page
  4. Add up to 10  images, 3 videos and logo for the business (provided by client or from website)
  5. We liase with you for verification with Google (usually takes 2-4 weeks to complete this)

In addition:

  1. We set up an offer on Google Places Page for your business if required
  2. We create a Post on your Place page (most SEO firms don’t even know this option exists)

Our Google My Business optimisation and trouble shooting Service?

Do you already have a listing in Google My Business or you are not ranking well? Or a listing that is out of date or not updated regularly?   Perhaps you have a duplicate listing, or you need to merge your old Google My Business Page and Google+ business page into Google My Business.

Whatever the issue,  we will examine the details of it and then, based on the keywords you want to show up for, and / or the type of problem you are encountering, we will advise you of the changes you need to make to get a better result.

We will then carry out the changes for you*.

Still wondering if you need to get a Google My Business?

Google My Business is the linchpin in your SEO efforts. It’s the central source of support and stability for your search engine rankings and the keystone of any SEO campaign.

In fact, it is so important in how you show up online that we will not run an SEO campaign for a client without it.

You can read more information in our blog post and info-graphic:
200 reasons why you are NOT RANKING well on Google (or Google Local)

Our Prices For Setting Up Fully optimised Google My Business Listing

Fixed Price £497

We highly recommend that you invest in our 15 point Google My Business set up and optimisation listing for your business if you dont already have one.

The chances are that your competitors will already have one – or will get one soon.

I’m sure you agree that you do not want to get left behind.

Our Prices to optimise or fix an existing Google My Business

Price From £497 – £997

A strategic 15 point optimisation of your Google My Business is £247.

This option is ideal when you are encountering other problems, such as duplicate accounts, multiple business addresses or multiple locations, or you need to merge your former G+ Business Page or Google Places page into a new Google My Business page.

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