How Google updates and changes will effect the future of SEO

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Future of SEO“SEO is dead – long live SEO”

Over the last few weeks Google has made some big changes that are designed to steer people away from the traditional tactical approach to SEO, and drive them toward taking a more strategic approach.

We found a really informative article that highlights the 6 major Google changes, and how they will influence the future of SEO.

The article is written by Eric Enge, an author at The topics covered in the article are well laid out, clearly explained and easy to absorb.

Eric Enge covers important details about the the future of seo and internet marketing.
For example:

  • Keyword data ‘(Not Provided)’
  • No PageRank Update Since February
  • Hummingbird & conversational search queries
  • The impact of Google+ on search
  • Authorship and why your authority matters
  • The importance of In-Depth Articles

It’s a long, in-depth educational article that will help you to prioritize and understand what you need to focus on to continue ranking well in Google as the dependency on keywords fades away.

You can read the full article here.

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