How To Improve Your Restaurant Revenue With Word Of Mouth Marketing

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Restaurant Social Management

We all know that restaurants don’t market themselves, and marketing is too complicated, and costly to leave it to pot luck or chance.

As an ex chef and restaurant manger I know that many local restaurant owners are hungry to try new marketing tactics. But what really works?

This is a great article about “How to Manage your Restaurant” written by The Article shows how to easily market your restaurant using the power of the word of mouth.

After all, using social media on the Internet makes word-of-mouth marketing an important tool for businesses that want to grow fast, while spending less on marketings. covers these essential tips:

  • Go to where people will be, not where they are now – “high-tech” loyalty programs are the future
  • Choose the right rewards structure for your concept.
  • Facilitate genuine compliments for greater credibility
  • Request the data you need to communicate
  • Always check for ROI.

It’s a long article, and It is well worth the read (more than once I’d say). If you follow the tips you are sure to increase your bottom line.

Read it here:

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