Mobile Marketing In Retail IndustryHere at Milagro we can see that many retailers have been sluggish to respond to customer expectations, and as a result they are putting their profits at risk.

We all know that Mobile continues to offer retailers a huge opportunity to improve customer experience by increasing value and improved communication and customer service – in addition loyalty bonuses, coupons and member exclusives ultimately drive customer retention and sales.

Mobile has changed the way that consumers purchase goods in store, and if your business is going to compete with other stores in the high street it makes sense for you to understand how they behave and what you can do to fulfill your customers expectations and engage attention.

We think that they need to sharpen up their act and respond to the way mobile is changing people lives – purchasing, ‘liking’, sharing and reviewing.

With the holiday season approaching we thought that those of you with retail businesses would want some up to date tips and know-how on Mobile marketing that will prove really useful for your business.

We found a great infographic that provides some powerful statistics to support retail outlets who want to improve their marketing efforts through the use of mobile technologies.

The Infographic covers the following:

  • Insights into retail customer shopping behavior
  • What’s working now
  • Mobile marketing mistakes to avoid
  • The next bid trends
  • How retailers can take advantage of the mobile era

You can see the full infographic at the bottom of this page.

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Mobile Marketing In The Retail Industry

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