Mobile Phone Wars: Who is the out-and-out 2013 winner?

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Samsung Galaxy S3

Android now commands a massive 80% market share, Apple hit a three-year low (“No new products till’ Fall!”), Microsoft’s Windows Phone hits a global high.

The smart phone ‘rumble in the internet jungle’continues but is it good new for consumers?

Global smartphone shipments grew 47 percent to hit 230 million devices in the second quarter of 2013, according to a new report from research firm Strategy Analytics.

Android captured record market share of 80 percent, while iOS hit a new low of 14 percent (its lowest levels since 2010).

Is this Mac versus PC all over again I wonder?

“The Android operating system captured a record 80 percent share of all smartphones shipped worldwide in the second quarter of 2013,” Strategy Analytics’ Neil Mawston said in a statement. “Apple iOS reached 14 percent global smartphone share in the quarter, its lowest level since Q2 2010.”

That’s due to Android’s massive app store, which is now serving more downloads than Apple’s iOS app store, the many, many vendors who make and sell Android-based phones, and, most of all, the “competitive licensing costs” — in other words, free — that Google offers Android at.

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Android dominates worldwide: 2013 mobile market share, and as predicted by Grey Lyons – research and insight manager at iCrossing – is fast heading to take over 50% of the Global marketing by 2015.

Take a good look at the info-graphic below  – green is for Google’s Android platform – to understand the global mobile market and how it can impact you business. Click on the image to expand it.


2013 mobile phone market and mobile usage around the world
SOURCE: See more at The Wall


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