One-Stop Digital Marketing & Social Media Packages for your business.

Every client comes to us with the same need – a website, social media strategy and marketing campaign that sky-rockets their profits. We are confident that our diverse skills will develop the plan and deliver the tools that will meet your objectives allow you to hit the mark every time.

We take your business personally. Your challenges are our challenges. And our marketing solutions are tailored to fit your business requirements like a glove

Take a look through our list of services and you’ll find a comprehensive menu of products and packages that range from internet marketing consulting services, website design and development, ecommerce sites and Pay Per Click, to complete social media services, reputation management, website hosting and analytics.

Search Engine Marketing & Specialist SEO

SEO Consultancy is a hidden ‘behind the scenes’ activity, and yet it remains the secret weapon of some extremely important websites boasting extremely high conversion rates.

MilagroFM SEO Consultancy Service is designed to improve your website traffic, reach targeted consumers, and help you get into the top positions in Google for your keywords.

Our Agency will work with you to ensure your Company benefits entirely from our extensive Digital Marketing expertise.

Gain higher rankings on the leading search engines with MilagroFM’s proprietary SEO Services when you contact us today.

Mobile & SMS Text Marketing

Like you, today’s consumers don’t go anywhere without their mobile devices. We help your business leverage this unique communication channel through:

  • SMS text campaigns
  • Mobile coupons
  • Appointment reminders
  • Mobile Advertising
  • QR Codes… and more

Discover how easy it is to precisely target new and existing customers with SMS text, QR Codes, targeted mobile display advertising and app marketing services.

Ask about our branded Mobile Website package and get a 20% discount on any mobile websites when you contact us today.

Social Media Management & Marketing

You’re probably aware that social media is all the rage. But really, why is there so much buzz about social traffic?

It’s simple really Social media engages with people at the right level – socially. No-one likes being sold to but seeing something your friends have G+1, Liked or Tweeted is an endorsement and a recommendation from a friend.

If you are like most businesses you will be having trouble getting Social Media working for you, however when Social Media is managed correctly, it is an exciting,  cost effective (and cost cutting) lead generation and marketing tool.

Whether you require a start-up package or effective day to day management of your existing social media profiles we can help.

Let us help you juice up your Social Media conversations and improve your ROI.  Contact us today to find out how.

Create the Perfect Brand Identity

Giving customers a first impression of your business that is remembered well, is the whole purpose of creating a strong brand identity. A good brand identity will convey what your company does and how it does it, and it will often last as long as the company, so it makes sense to get it right the first time.

At MilagroFM we work with you to give your business the best possible brand identity both online and off.  Our Brand identity services include:

  • Logo design
  • Letterhead design
  • Business cards
  • Brochure design
  • Print advertisements
  • Tagline and slogan creation
  • Copy-writing

And last, but by no means least:

  • Social Media Profiles
  • Web Design

Optimized  Websites and  Blogs

Blogs are websites that display dynamic content. They are an excellent way help your business stand out from the crowd – and Google loved them.  In combination with Social Media, a keyword optimised blog is now an essential business tool that brings you the power to showcase your business through multiple communication channels.

A blog website is a key strategy to achieve high organic Search results and engage fans via Social Media. It give you a clear, branded, competitive edge:

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Dominate your industry/market
  • Broadcast promotions
  • Gain 1st Page Google positions
  • And much more…

Ask about our branded Marketing Blog package to receive a special 2017 discount.

Local SEO  & Google Places

Do you own and run a shop, dentist, pizza place, restaurant, hairdressers or other business that has to a local customer base. Then you need Local Marketing with Google Places.

Why? Because 62% of people who shop locally search online before they buy AND 87% of local searches result in a customer walking through your door. Can you afford to miss out on potential business like that?

We help you create effective and focused local marketing campaigns that are built around your customer wants and immediate needs.  We also develop a strategy that delivers the right message to the right people, and aim it directly on local consumers to help turn them into your customers.

Take a moment to ask us about Google Places and Google+ For Business packages today.

Video Marketing  & Top Ranking Video SEO

Google loves fresh and engaging content, and video marketing is a powerful way of getting of gaining your company a real SEO boost.

Everyone loves to watch a video. It’s a great way to engage your client and customers and it’s particularly powerful when it comes to getting your message across.

Our internet video marketing services bring you a variety of video production options specific to your marketing, distribution and promotion needs. Let our video marketing team create a targeted, keyword optimized SEO and marketing campaign that will deliver the strongest results.

Find out what we can offer and get a 20% discount on all video SEO packages today.

Google Analytics

Do you know how your website and your campaigns are rating with your customers?

Without access to the hard facts offered by Google Analytics it is just about impossible to judge with any accuracy. All our sites have Google Analytics included as standard.  We also put site goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in place to ensure you have the data you need to really understand

  • Who is visiting your website
  • What they do when they get there
  • How your site can work harder for you.

Of course you need to be getting the best from your site 24/7. So we work with you in regular review and recommendation sessions, to keep your site performing to the maximum without relying on guesswork, assumptions or hocus pocus.

Looking Ahead Means Staying Ahead

It’s a competitive world and it pays to look ahead.  Research indicates over 65% of businesses will be increasing their Digital Marketing budget this year. This means the competition looks set to rise.

Are you ready for the challenge?  Our results for your company are accountable, measurable, and reliable. Talk to us if you would like your websites, advertising and campaigns to work better and harder for you online.

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