What is SoLoMo marketing – beginners tips and how to implement it in your business

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SoLoMo is an acronym for social + local + mobile.

SoLoMo is a fusion marketing tactic being used by companies across the world.  The premise behind it is simple:

Since today’s consumers are using social media and mobile devices while accessing the web when searching for local establishments, marketers have realized the importance of combining social + local + mobile factors into one integrated tactic: SoLoMo.


Mobile has become a powerful avenue for marketers because consumers that use mobile devices are a captured audience.

Utilising a SoLoMo tactic allows marketers to reach their audience through mobile devices while they’re on the go.

Along with using their smartphones and tablets to perform searches, consumers are also using their mobile devices to find and redeem coupons and promotions or make purchases, which heightens the importance of adding SoLoMo to your marketing strategy.

If you’re new to SoLoMo, you may not be entirely sure how to implement it into your next marketing strategy. The following tips will help you learn how to best use the latest marketing craze for your business.

Think Foursquare.

Foursquare is a great example of SoLoMo. Foursquare allows customers to virtually check in to locations (the location portion). These customers can then redeem offers through their mobile device (the mobile portion) while also chatting with friends and pushing out these check-ins and offers through social media (the social portion). If you want to implement SoLoMo into your marketing strategy, you’ll want to think like Foursquare.

Make it easy.

If your SoLoMo involves too many bells and whistles or is too difficult to understand, it’s not going to work.

Make sure that your company is listed on Foursquare and Facebook so that your customers can virtually check in, or create your own community that consumers can check in to. When your platforms are easy to use, your audience will be more willing to use them.

Quick and simple systems get shared,  so you will want to make sure that your SoLoMo efforts are easy for your customers to understand.  Make it easy for your then to redeem your mobile offers and make the geo-tracking option easy as well. Then they will share your information through their social channels.

Test your results.

It’s not likely you’re going to create a successful SoLoMo campaign right away, which means you’ll need to test the waters before until you find out what gets the best response from your audience for your product and services.

For example, you may want to create a variety of mobile landing page and offers and track which offers are redeemed most often by your consumers and which don’t see much redemption. This can help you learn which promotions and marketing processes are favored and what generates increased purchases from your consumers.

 Add locations to your web content.

Keywords are important to your online visibility, and it’s important that your web copy contains location-based keywords to help your site be found on mobile device searches.

Adding your address as well as other location keywords can help your website get ranked high on the search engines, and this is great if your customers are using their mobile devices to search for products or services that your company offers.

In reality, it’s likely that you’re already taking steps toward implementing SoLoMo into your marketing strategy—or you may realize that you’re already using it. As long as you continue to think about social, location and mobile, your SoLoMo efforts will come naturally.

Caroline Jones is a freelance writer with years of marketing experience.  She has recently been writing about SoLoMo


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