Why email marketing is still king when it comes to boosting revenue in 2014

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Email MarketingEmail marketing is still more effective at attracting customers and producing sales than social media.

Despite all the hype about Social Media as a marketing tool, a recent survey by Custora (https://www.custora.com/) showed some staggering statistics.

Here are the findings of that survey.



  • Email marketing is responsible for a fourfold increase in customer acquisition in the last 4 years.
  • Customers who come to a business website via email stay longer and shop more.
  • On average email marketing accounted for 7% of new customer acquisition in 2013.
  • Organic search resulted in 16% or customers acquired.
  • Customer’s who come to a business via organic search are 50% more valuable than average and,
  • Those that come via email 11% more valuable than average.
  • Facebook and Twitter are almost insignificant, only adding 0.92% of customers.
  • Both Facebook and Twitter customers are less valuable than average.

Email may not be the trendy way to look for customers but it is showing itself to be the’old faithful’, and seems to deliver reliable results over time.

So what it is that email produces such significant results?

Well, in combination with the fact that email marketing is permission based, it could be that smartphones (the number one way people access their emails) take your business message right in the hand of a listening audience.

Smartphone are the new inbox so every business needs to pay attention to creating email that is attractive ans easy to read on a mobile phone.

If your email campaigns need a bit of a lift that there are tons of email marketing techniques and ideas available to you.

We found an article from jeffbullas.com titled “10 Top Tips to Grow Your Email List”. It shows to us some of the most easy to follow and straight forward strategies to help you increase your emails opt inst while increasing revenue from your existing list.

Inside the article, Jeff explains to us, as to why we should:

1. Provide an opt in email box
2. Offer a free ebook
3. Provide a light-box pop up
4. Do some guest blogging
5. Run a webinar
and 5 more valuable tips.

It’s a medium sized article that will surely help you get better results from your Lead Generation Campaign. Certainly, if you understand the importance of leads, you know how beneficial this will be for your business. Read the complete article here.

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