The MyAppsCafe concept is about providing individual businesses with the opportunity to promote their brand using the latest web technology and capitalise on the increase in mobile browsing by consumers ~ Maya Mendoza, Founder of Milagro Fusion Marketing

In a crowded market place, how would you like a guaranteed, cost effective way to bring extra value to your clients and customers, differentiate your business and stand out from the crowd.

Whatever type of business, releasing your own business App, in Apple and Google, reaches out to clients and prospects in a modern, fun and efficient manner.

Specially designed for your business a custom mobile app is a cost-effective, quick and easy way to utilise your customers smart phones and tablets to boost both your business revenue and reputation.

Business apps help you reward repeat customers, build brand loyalty, create social buzz, increase referrals,and let new customers find out about you.

So, is a mobile App right for your business?

That’s the ultimate question, and for any business owner its a matter of getting a return on investment, increased revenue and adding additional value for your customers.

Mobile is all about instant gratification and interactivity. You see, people don’t just surf on their smart phones and tablets, they want to DO stuff.

Business Apps are software programs that showcase your business and engage, reward and entertain your users while they are on there mobile devices.

That’s why it offering an App is the best way to reach them.

The idea is to offer your customers something useful or fun they can use or do every day. This means that they will be in constant contact with your brand and will also be constantly seeing your link.

Here are just a handful of the many ways your app can engage your customers while saving you time and money


Once touch calling.
Your Menus: Tempt your customers by showing illustrated menus online
Tip calculator: help customers quickly calculate a tip amount
Food Ordering: customers can order from inside the app
Mobile Coupons: Fill your tables on a slow night
Fan Wall Feature: customers leave feedback on your business and share via social media

Accountant / Lawyer

Once touch calling.
Appointment Booking: This feature makes enquiring a lot simpler
GPS Directions: step by step directions to your business
Expenses Calculator a handy way to help clients keep records
Notepad Feature: allows users to record text notes and email them to you
Fully Integrated: with your wordpress blog

Hair Salon Day Spa

Once touch calling.
Appointment Scheduling: full integration with your current booking system
Mobile Coupons: your customers can unlock by “checking in” at your business.
Loyalty Card Feature: Reward loyal customers for making frequent visits or purchases.
Tell-A-Friend Feature: Let your customers take your business viral with social media and email

We have only just touched on a few of the benefits and advantages that Apps can bring your business.

In our App designs we have over 52 business pulling features that you can choose from to give your customers a better, and more memorable experience of doing business with you.

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