With more than 1 billion smartphone users around the world and 80% of those users accessing social networks, and shopping via their phones, mobile is now an essential player in digital marketing ~ Maya Mendoza, Founder of Milagro Fusion Marketing

The way business reaches customers has changed. In today’s digital era the reality is, if you are not ready for tablets and smartphones you are losing out.

It’s a fact!

  • 99% of smartphone owners use their mobile browser at least once a day
  • 87% of American consumers use their smartphones to access search engines at least once a day

And smart phone and tablet users are a really demanding bunch.

  • 92% of mobile browsers expect web pages to load almost as quickly as or faster than web pages on their desktop computers
  • 84% of consumers will wait 5 seconds for a web page to load on their mobile device before abandoning the site.

Still wondering if you need to mobilize your business?

Studies show that visitors who access a full web site on their mobile phones ALWAYS complain about how much time and data is required to load the site and how hard it is to find the information they need.

Most of these customers abandon such sites quickly out of frustration and are unlikely to return and, worse yet, look for a competitor with a more mobile-friendly site.

Your mobile solution:
A well designed mobile site resolves these problems and satisfies your mobile visitors by giving them quick and easy access to the key information about your business.

Isn’t it time you made sure that your customers can easily find your business anywhere, anytime, in the palm of their hand?

After all, when you give folk the fast, seamless, ‘search and shop’ experience they want, and help them to interact easily with your business they are happy. And it’s much easier to convert happy customers into paying customers.

And the benefits don’t stop there:
Did you know that consumers who have a great mobile experience are 67% more likely to ‘tell a friend’ about your business or service – and 76% say that they are more likely to come back for more!

Your next steps:
We help you get more customers, and increase their lifetime value to you, with mobile marketing technology.

We’d love to have a chat with you about how we can help to establish a strong marketing presence for your company within the mobile landscape. Get in touch today and take advantage of our free 30 minute consultation.

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